Eco Logic Partners is an independent energy broker and consultancy firm, located in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, that are committed to providing their B2B clients with bespoke solutions to cater for their energy requirements

Eco Logic Partners

Eco Logic Partners is an independent energy broker and consultancy firm, located in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, that are committed to providing their B2B clients with bespoke solutions to cater for their energy requirements.  Eco Logic Partners always puts their clients first and works with a wide range of businesses across various industries, from single-site SME businesses to multi-site corporations.

Eco Logic Partners incorporated their business in 2014 and have been growing rapidly. To enable growth opportunities that would scale up their business quicker, they started building their own in-house CRM system to automate their data & lead generation processes and to increase sales opportunities.  After spending about 1 year developing a robust lead generation system, they realised that it was taking too much time to design, develop & implement the additional customizations that they required. It was decided that a better software solution was required and that was when they discovered how Powermatrix could help. Eco Logic Partners had many manual internal processes, using tools like Excel to manage & quote sales opportunities, keep a record of contracted deals & upcoming renewals.  Processes were becoming highly inefficient and it was difficult to gain insights & proper business reporting to drive team performance, customer retention strategies and overall business profitability.

The Eco Logic Partners management team were so impressed by the sophistication of Sparkplug and how it aligned to their ambition to create their own system requirements, that they ceased development in-house immediately.  It was clear to them that Sparkplug had been built by energy experts that fully understood an energy broker’s business needs and that Sparkplug addressed the pressing need for a 360-degree view that enables optimum growth potential, reduced process risk, eliminated many manual processes and offline workarounds. A key decision factor for signing up to Sparkplug straight away, was the agreement with Powermatrix to deliver some additional important system enhancements during the first 2-3 months, that would minimize the need for internal changes to staff commission schemes & payments and enable the allocation of split deal revenue across multiple employees for contracts won.  It is always a big decision to outsource a business’s IT requirements for fear of losing control, but the flexibility and commitment by the Powermatrix Team built faith that we were the right partner.

Although it was a difficult decision to stop an in-house project that has run for over 1 year, with significant financial investment, Eco Logic Partners realised that the future returns would be far greater with Sparkplug and it would re-focus some key staff back to driving their business performance and supporting other employees to flourish as successful sales individuals.

Customers Testimonial

“Powermatrix have been extremely helpful and professional throughout the implementation process. We have requested several customizations to fit our business model and their team took a great deal of pride in their work, delivered solutions that exceeded our needs and gave us what we were looking for in a broker system within the first 2-3 months of signing up. I highly recommend working with Sparkplug and the Powermatrix Team – they seamlessly migrated all of our existing customers & deal data from our current platform to Sparkplug, whilst minimizing business disruption.  The full training that was provided and continuous ongoing support has well surpassed our expectations.  Powermatrix have allowed me to see a brighter future for Eco Logic Partners now that we are implementing Sparkplug and as we come out of lockdown and bring our staff back into the office, Sparkplug offers us a fresh start with a highly motivated team in an exciting place to work.  We couldn’t be happier.”

Neil Trueman, Director, Eco Logic Partners Ltd

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