Powermatrix is an offshoot of Infomatrix, a trusted software development company with more than 15 years in the industry. Powermatrix was founded in 2014 with an aim to provide holistic software solutions specifically to energy businesses in the USA. Following years of success we have brought Powermatrix to the UK in 2019. The US company is headquartered in New Jersey with our UK office located in Newcastle upon Tyne and an offshore center in India. Since inception, we have been focused on developing futuristic software for energy brokers and suppliers, catering to complex business needs through software technology and we are now the largest energy software provider in the US. Our stand-out Sparkplug system is unrivaled in the US and we have now launched Sparkplug for the UK Energy Broker Market with ambitious plans to develop innovative software eco-systems for all energy market participants, including suppliers & energy solution businesses.

Our leadership combines more than 25 years of experience within the UK & US energy industries and has intellectuals operating in the world of information technology. Powermatrix launched its first end-to-end software for energy brokers – SparkPlug – in August 2015. SparkPlug was designed to be easily understood and used with a focus on functionality and User Experience. The product has seen unprecedented growth, in just the last 12 months our customer base has grown from 67 to more than 115 energy brokers using the system in the US and has received several highly positive testimonials from our clients. We are already receiving rave reviews in the UK and we are already in the process of onboarding our first UK clients. UK Energy Brokers are deciding to switch to Sparkplug and move away from other well-established specialist UK-based energy software providers that have delivered some good energy pricing & CRM systems, however, they are not truly end-to-end energy broker process management systems that fall short of fully automating the post-contracting & commission payment & reconciliation processes which means brokers still need to manage manual offline processes with unnecessary overheads. Capturing this additional value for our customers, accelerating their growth, delivering system enhancements based on our clients’ ideas and highly positive reviews just keeps us going and drives us to develop even more progressive solutions.