M3 Energy Consultants was on the lookout for a robust CRM to consolidate and automate its processes and functions. The desired objective was to eliminate error-prone legacy solutions that involve tedious and complex manual tasks for capturing commision details. Accuracy was also desired in tracking consulting opportunities, capturing renewal opportunities, reconciliation of payments, and report generation.

M3 realizes optimum efficiency and true growth potential by consolidating and automating data capture, storage, processing, analytics, and extraction through sparkplug.

Automated commissions data capture and reconciliation

Notifications for potential renewal opportunities.

Automated commissions data capture and reconciliation

Sparkplug addressed the pressing need for a 360 degree view that enables optimum growth potential, eliminates manual processes involving countless spreadsheets, and provides accurate tracking of consulting opportunities and renewals. The ultimate aim was to eliminate instances of lost opportunities and deals, and accounting errors.

How the Tables were Turned

  • Powermatrix configured sparkplug for M3 Energy to better manage its business.
  • Automation was implemented to make sure key accounts were being touched regularly.
  • Business processes were standardized to support and measure commercial & residential energy opportunities & customers.
  • New automated processes were introduced with extensive focus on cloud design
  • Configured analytic reports and dashboards designed around metrics to support customers, deals, and accounts.
  • Built expensive reporting to track commissions from suppliers.
  • Delivered a scalable solution that uses workflow automation and drives desired responses.
  • Migrated data from spreadsheets.
  • Created a customized training curriculum by organizing online and on-demand training.
  • Managed to drive user adoption with a pleasant user experience.

The Result?

  • The onboarding was completed in 4 weeks and within budget.
  • Customer data was imported seamlessly into sparkplug.
  • M3 now has 360 degree view of customers, deal accounts, and prospects.
  • The business also has now has deep insight into actuals and the projections for revenue and usage on all accounts.
  • There are now accurate reports on supplier commissions, broker margins, and deal audits.
  • M3 accountants can now easily upload payments from suppliers, customers, and third parties.

Client Speaks

“Powermatrix Customer service team combines thoroughness and responsiveness with a wonderful friendliness to make for a top-notch client relations team. They are a pleasure to work with as anyone who has worked with them knows.”

“It’s easy to use – nice work on using Consulting Deals “ I will let you know about all errors I find with the help of sparkplug and your team, who have been excellent” on being able to detect that suppliers were not paying the correct margins

Craig Wilson, Partner M3 Energy