Worthington Energy Consultants was looking for a CRM that can consolidate all contracts from suppliers on a single screen. The ultimate aim was to eliminate the need for multiple manual workflows that were both time intensive and susceptible to errors, accurately track electric, natural gas and consulting deals, and capture potential renewal opportunities.

The WEC realizes its true growth potential by automating manual entry and tracking of commission details.

Onboarding in just 3 months.

Notifications for potential renewals.

Automated commissions reconciliation

The need of the hour was a tailored, cohesive solution with the capabilities to provide a birds-eye view of all deals, commissions and payments, while eliminating the need for manual processes that entailed an intrinsic amalgamation of countless excel sheets. The solution they needed was sparkplug.

How the Tables were Turned

  • Powermatrix configured sparkplug for WEC to support a complex data consolidation process.
  • Our data experts helped WEC sanitize masses of bad data from suppliers and structure in an organized manner.
  • Interactive activity management and calendar sync was introduced so WEC could have a quicker turnaround on all potential opportunities.
  • Custom flags and fields were added to the leads & opportunities to deliver a more user-centric experience.
  • Pricing matrices from different suppliers were automatically pushed to sparkplug to view best prices from different suppliers on a single screen.

The Result?

  1. Sparkplug caught several missing payments and proved to be a huge asset to WEC in identifying accounts where the supplier payment was inaccurate.
  2. Our team sanitized and migrating chunks of data received from different suppliers, providing a clear overview of all transaction across functions.
  3. WEC now gets notifications to keep a track of all its potential renewals.
  4. Automated supplier commissions reconciliation has helped WEC shorten the accounting cycle and get back to focusing on growth.

Client Speaks

“Working with the powermatrix team on the implementation of our platform has been a terrific experience. This team is extremely organized and professional in their approach. Their understanding of the energy brokerage business and overall industry knowledge has ensured a smooth transition and implementation for our company.”

Craig Grant Sales Director and Chief Operating Officer, Worthington Energy Consultants


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